Blue Lacuna: Playable Excerpts

Thanks for trying these interactive excerpts from Blue Lacuna, an interactive novel by Aaron Reed. Please note that these versions run more slowly than the full game, and that certain features like SAVE and RESTORE will not function. Be careful not to click ‘back’ or you’ll lose your position in the story. Please be patient while playing these excerpts; sometimes it will take several seconds to process your input.

To begin, choose an excerpt. Once you’ve reached the excerpt’s page and the story has loaded, click on the central story window, then start typing words to play (press the ‘enter’ key to enter the text you type). The words in pink are directions that you can move in/places you can go. Pay attention to the words in blue as well; those are things that you can “look” at closer – the description doesn’t end with the first text you see. Keep in mind that you are not limited to typing only the words in pink or blue – the game will also respond to other commands (both verbs and nouns). Try typing other words from the text and see what happens! You may need to scroll down if the words run off the bottom of your screen. Enjoy!

1. The Beginning

2. Exploring the Beach

3. Word Day

If you’d like to download the free full version of Blue Lacuna or learn more about it, visit the Blue Lacuna website and click the “download” link: Blue Lacuna Official Site