Rachel Blier is a freedom fighter from the future, attempting to eliminate the regime of the vicious Steam Pig. In the event of her disappearance, she would like to direct the resistance’s attention to the coded messages hidden in her work.

James Grant, better known as the artist half of the webcomimc Two Lumps, has sold short stories in various e-formats and Weird Tales magazine, as well as several novels. He lives in Dallas with his co-creator and wife, Mel Hynes.

Adam Hinshaw is a graduate of Bucknell University where he majored in English and Psychology. He currently works as a freelance writer in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Anica Lewis has been writing fantasy since before she could, strictly speaking, spell words recognizably.  She is currently working toward her Master’s in Library Science, which will enable her, in between reading and writing YA fantasy, to push YA fantasy on others.  Her shingle hangs at

Kate Matta has been writing, on a semi-regular basis, since seventh grade. The majority of her work is fantasy or includes elements of fantasy, though she occasionally delves into science fiction. She lives in a state of mild despair, because her head is full of ideas for new stories and there is not enough time in the day to write them all.

Karyn Samuelson has been reading and making up stories since she can remember. Her favorite genre is fantasy, with science fiction coming in a close second. When not scribbling down character and plot ideas, she works at a fabric and craft store for the employee discount and pretends she can draw.

J. Titus Stupfel is currently a student at the University of Mary Washington. He is the author of the science fiction short story, “Empathy in the Machine.”