Nti Aning was born September 7, 1988, in Baltimore, Maryland, but was raised in Blacksburg, Virginia. He currently attends the University of Mary Washington and plans to graduate in Spring 2010, with a degree in English: Creative Writing. Nti’s many passions include writing, reading, and watching television and he aspires to be a television screenwriter. So if you are hiring, please call me.

Kay Bechtold is a senior at the University of Mary Washington. She is majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. Kay is passionate about horses and writing and hopes to complete her first novel soon after she graduates. Her favorite books are part of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. She enjoys live music, frisbee, and slurpees. After college, she plans to pursue knighthood and learn to joust (really).

Elisa Caballero is a senior at the University of Mary Washington, majoring in Biology and English, and divides her time fairly evenly between writing and squinting into microscopes. She has been reading Science Fiction and Fantasy since elementary school (much to her teacher’s dismay), and is excited to be involved in creating a journal that showcases the kind of literature she loves.

Caroline Schumacher is a senior at the University of Mary Washington. She majored in English to excuse her excessive reading habits. She hasn’t been able to stop reading fantasy since she picked up her first Robin McKinley novel many years ago. She enjoys traveling, attending musical theatre performances, skiing, and scuba diving in her spare time.

Anna Snyder is just wrapping up her undergraduate career in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She has done some freelance editing for private companies and novelists. In her own time she writes short stories and eats tiny pieces of bread while being photographed.