Othergate – in another way, otherwise, differently – elsewhere.

Q: Who’s running this ship?
A: We are! Othergate is comprised of five students at the University of Mary Washington who are working together to make a strong literary journal developed especially for genre fiction.

Q: What’s a literary journal?
A: A literary magazine is a periodical devoted to literature in a broad sense. Literary magazines usually publish short stories, poetry and essays along with literary criticism, book reviews, biographical profiles of authors, interviews and letters. (Thanks, wiki!) Othergate includes everything above, as long as it is or relates to genre fiction.

Q: What’s genre fiction?
A: Genre fiction is a pretty broad term. It applies to science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, magic realism, and the list goes on. It can also apply to things like romance novels, but we’re less interested in bodice rippers and more interested in dragons in space ships.

Q: I have some fanfiction I’d like to submit. Is that okay?
A: Unfortunately, we’re only looking for original work.

Q: Do you have a printed journal or is it all online?
A: It’s all online. This is (or at least it’s going to be) our main website, and we’ve been seeking submissions through Facebook, Craigslist and even by good old paper fliers.

Q: How many issues have you had so far?
A: None! This is our very first one.

Q: Does it cost money to submit? Can I get money for a successful submission?
A: No money changes hands here. You don’t have to pay a cent to give us your work, and unfortunately we don’t have a cent to give you if we publish you. However, having your work published in the writing world is gift in itself! (At least, we hope so.)

Q: How many things can I submit to you?
A: As many as you like, and we’d prefer that you did it in one big email as opposed to individual emails for every submission.

Q: What if I have a question that isn’t here?
A: You can email us, of course, at othergatejournal@gmail.com where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!